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Our reportbot sends 11 Reports per player. This is enough to send him to overwatch. If he was being obvious, the overwatch investigators' verdict will lead the player to being permanently banned from the game. Make sure you report the player in-game as well to increase the chances of him getting banned. Use the matchID to send a specific match to overwatch.

dodolan manuk catalog template
dodolan manuk catalog template


Using our commendbot is 100% Safe! We do not need your credentials or anything. All you need to do is to is enter your SteamID onto the commendbot page and press "Commend". Your commends will then increase automatically!


Registering your steam account(s) on our whitelist will prevent other people from using our reportbot against you. If you try to reportbot someone who is whitelisted, a message will appear and your token(s) will not be charged.